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Stephens Valley is built on three core values—a commitment to community, the preservation of natural history and stewardship of the land. On the edge of Williamson and Davidson counties in Middle Tennessee, bounded by the Natchez Trace on three sides, the 930-acre, slow-growth community is nestled between 19 hills and offers pure and simple living. With an active town square at its heart and 500 acres of natural beauty and seven miles of trails for all to enjoy, the thoughtfully designed small town takes full advantage of nature’s bounty and the best ideas about a better way to live — including a community garden, wide sidewalks, deep porches, parks, active recreation areas, pools, restaurants, retail and natural gathering places where neighbors say hello.

Home construction starts late Fall 2017.

*Individual family homes in Williamson County starting in the upper $400s to the upper $800s. Townhomes and flats starting in the $230s.

The Vision of Stephens Valley

There’s a way of life that’s common in all our heritage but that many of us have forgotten. It’s our ancestors’ way of life — one of living with the land, of being connected to the land and sharing in its bounty and beauty.

Watch the video and learn more about the vision of the Stephens Valley community.

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