— WELCOME TO — STEPHENS VALLEY Imagine small-town Nashville in the 1930s. A cool blue dusk settles over the main street, and the warm illumination of gas lamps glows forth from the windows of row houses, signaling the winding down of a beautiful day. Now, imagine what it would be like to live there... with all the benefits of modern design. LIVE HERE

Just southwest of Williamson County sits a carefully-crafted community featuring diverse architectural styles and designs. It’s a place where the preservation of the land’s surrounding beauty is of paramount importance. A place where neighbors and nature live side by side, where city and country reside in respectful harmony, and where residents of all ages stroll tree-lined sidewalks and lamp-lit streets. Where the keepers of shops, salons, and restaurants cheerfully welcome one and all. Where recreational activities and community togetherness abound.

In short, it’s the kind of town you’ve always longed for but didn’t even know existed. Until now. Welcome to Stephens Valley!


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Set amongst acres of preserved forests and meadows, adorned with miles and miles of paved and unpaved nature trails, and inhabited by those who wish to live in harmony with Great Outdoors, Stephens Valley is perhaps like no other community of its kind. Our developers work closely with the Federal Park System to ensure that our one-of-a-kind community does not interfere with the valley’s natural beauty, but rather furthers and inspires our innate connection to it.


Stephens Valley is the kind of place where next-door neighbors don’t just live next door, which is why in addition to connecting our residents with nature, we promote community involvement in everything we do. No matter the season or the reason, something is always happening at Stephens Valley and you’re always welcome to join in on the fun. Ask around and you’ll hear versions of the same exact sentiment: that we’ve set a new standard for the friendliest neighborhood in town.

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