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Stephen’s Valley is a unique, one-of-a-kind, custom-home community currently under construction in its own quaint valley, sitting amongst hundreds of acres of protected open space. The vision and inspiration for this small township were born from the purest and most wholesome experiences we all long for, and occasionally experience when traveling through similar historic towns across America. This protected valley is surrounded by gently rolling hills and is bordered on three sides by one of our country’s largest federal parks, whose staff makes it their mission to protect the history of the Natchez Trace Parkway. Stephens Valley is home to people in all stages of life who are looking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and are inspired by the valley’s all-encompassing beauty. Stephens Valley is where nature and community live side by side in harmony.

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Stephens Valley has been owned by the Stephens family since the 1930’s, and presently consists of more than 900 beautifully maintained acres straddling mostly Williamson county, as well as approximately 200 acres in Davidson County. Originally, the property operated as a working pig farm that carried the Stephens family through the Great Depression. Over the years, the farm became a bustling haven for cattle, sheep and other livestock. When Bill Stephens inherited the land from his parents, he further diversified its operations by planting fields of row crops and hay, which you can still see growing today. Read the full story here.

The development of Stephens Valley is led by the collaboration of two well-seasoned teams. Rochford Realty & Construction Company serves as the owner and developer, and Land Innovations serves as the project and development manager. The combination of these two well-established and respected companies provides decades of experience in understanding land use, nature preservation, resource sustainability, storm-water management, and traffic planning. The two groups have seamlessly combined to perfect the art of creating a community that thrives in its sense of purpose and soul. Learn more about our Development Team here.

The Stephens Valley Development Team voluntarily reduced the density deemed permissible under the property’s existing zoning designation to lessen traffic concerns, promote better preservation of the total land in active open space, and to protect over ninety percent of the valley’s existing tree canopy. The Development Team is also working closely with the Federal Park System and other committed friends and stakeholders of the Natchez Trace Parkway to implement a long-term strategy that will minimize the viewshed of any Stephens Valley rooftops from the parkway itself. Though greatly anticipated, the development timeline required to build a truly one-of-a-kind community does not happen overnight. We envision this timeline could span between fifteen to more than twenty years. Intricate projects such as Stephens Valley evolve slowly, one house and one family at a time. Absorptions on a yearly basis could vary anywhere from thirty to ninety homes per year, but the anticipated average is expected to be closer to fifty to sixty-five homes constructed per year.

Stephens Valley will not be a gated community. The vision of Stephens Valley will instead be centered around the creation of a walkable community which in time will evolve into an authentic, welcoming, and much celebrated small town located at the edge of a National Park. Constructing a gate would be in direct conflict with the inclusive, nature-centered tenets upon which Stephens Valley was founded and which add significantly to the community’s appeal.

Stephens Valley will offer many amenities for its residents. In order to promote a walkable, active lifestyle designed to integrate homeowners with nature, Stephens Valley will feature miles of hiking, biking, and walking trails, as well as a dedicated area set aside for a community garden. In addition, dog parks, playgrounds, and multiple pocket parks will be located throughout the community, as well as tennis courts, exercise facilities, and two swimming pools, one for family and swim team use and one for a resort experience. Stephens Valley will also boast a large community building called the “Community House”, with a commercial kitchen and large porches that will serve as hubs for social events, holiday gatherings, and more. A fire pit, a bocce ball court, a volleyball court, and a large outdoor lawn area located directly adjacent to the community building will easily facilitate large social events, including weddings and parties, with guest lists as large as 600 people! View all amenities here.

Stephens Valley Town Center will also host shops, restaurants, a general store, ice cream parlors, office spaces, yoga and pilates studios, other exercise fitness classes, and several more amenities and services to support the community and those that surround it. See “What is the Town Square” for more information.

The homes in Stephens Valley are designed with community values in mind and with a housing style to fit every stage of life and lifestyle. The homes range from roughly 2,000 square ft. to more than 6,000 square ft, and each one is designed to fit the wants and needs of everyone that lives there. The Town Center will also offer additional, low maintenance living opportunities such as Brownstones, Townhomes, and Condo Flats, ranging in size from 700 square feet. to 2,400 + square feet. View our homes here.

The Design Review Committee (DRC) is a board of design and building professionals established by the Stephens Valley Development Team to review all homes prior to their construction in Stephens Valley, with respect to the CCR’s. This review is also based on architectural style, materials, colors, exterior detailing, and site and landscape criteria. The activities of the DRC have been established to protect the integrity of the community’s streetscape, while also allowing individuals to create custom homes.

Stephens Valley is located 20 miles from downtown Nashville, TN, and 12 miles from the historic downtown of Franklin, TN. To reach Stephens Valley from downtown Nashville, take I-40 W to exit 192 at McCroy Ln. View our location here.

The Town Square is the pedestrian-friendly hub of Stephens Valley. Here, neighbors will gather to mingle with friends and family, as well as to participate in group activities. Residents and visitors will enjoy small shops, cafes, exercise classes, an ice cream parlor, and a coffee house. A village green will host community events, including live music and a small farmer’s market. The Town Square will also offer housing, in the form of townhomes and smaller flat condos located above some of the retail space. The construction of the Stephens Valley Town Square is anticipated to begin four to six years after the first houses are sold. View more here.

Stephens Valley is in the Williamson County School District zoned for Fairview Schools, which features Westwood Elementary School, Fairview Middle School, and Fairview High School.

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