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Rochford Realty and Construction Company, founded by John Rochford, began building custom homes and creating communities in Greater Nashville in 1973. Currently building, developing and managing both residential and commercial real estate, Rochford Company has become one of the mid-state’s premier Custom Builders, still guided by its foundational motto: “Building Tradition Today.” Implementing a building process based on this principle enables Rochford to offer old-fashioned quality and value while introducing the best of current product innovations and techniques.

Rochford Realty and Construction Company truly understands the role your home plays in your quality of life, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest homes at the greatest value. We are able to do this because we, as a well-established and respected real estate, construction and development company, offer a lifetime of experience and a true personal connection to the area. John Rochford built a custom home on Moran Road, just a couple of miles from Stephens Valley, in his early 30’s and raised his four children there. These deep roots in the area, a true connection to the community, and love of the building process mean that Rochford Realty and Construction understands that your home provides the setting for some of life’s most treasured moments. We build every home with the same strict attention to detail and quality and without compromise works with our customers to create homes, not just houses.

Stephens Valley Listings

Single-Family Homes

Lot 734

1204 Luckett Rd

Lot 734 | Available Model Home


341 Stephens Valley Blvd

Lot 647 | Available


6061 Pasquo Rd

Lot 716 | Available


6069 Pasquo Rd

Lot 714 | SOLD


1240 Luckett Rd

Lot 725 | SOLD


1244 Luckett Rd

Lot 724 | SOLD


1309 McQuiddy Rd

Lot 723 | SOLD


1217 Luckett Rd

Lot 750 | SOLD

Stephens Valley West Listings

Townhomes & Condos

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