Creative Ways To Decorate With Poinsettias

It has been brought to our attention that December 12th happens to be National Poinsettia Day! Did you know that poinsettias come in more colors besides red? Did you know that most poinsettias are sold within the six weeks leading up to Christmas? Did you know that there are other ways to include poinsettias in your Christmas decorations besides placing them on your front doorstep? Here are a few of our favorite, unique ways to display this gorgeous Christmas flower!


Filling Cups With Good Cheer

Use your favorite cups and glassware to make a memorable statement with your poinsettias! Tuck a bloom or two inside glasses of differing heights, and gather them all on the mantle. Your guests will be calling you “Joanna Gaines” in no time!


As Nature’s Ornaments

If you notice a few bare spots on your tree after you’ve put up all of your ornaments, consider filling them in with poinsettias. The blooms lay nicely on the tree’s branches and add a lovely pop of red or white to your tree’s green.


Within Your Place Settings

There are several ways to use poinsettias in your table setting. You can purchase individually potted ‘Mini Star” poinsettias for every seat at the table, or simply place a poinsettia on each individual plate. If you do decide to use the unpotted poinsettias, you can make them last longer by attaching them to a water vial, and hiding the vial by wrapping it with decorative paper.


On Brown Paper Packages

Looking for a creative way to wrap presents this year? Use poinsettias! If you keep the flower in its florist pick, you can hold the flower in place with a ribbon. It will be even more beautiful than a Christmas bow!


Make Your Wreath Pop

Leave your poinsettias in their florist pick and place them inside your Christmas wreath! Like on your Christmas tree, the poinsettia will add a nice pop of color, and help it stand out and be seen from the road! Your neighbors will be jealous!