Five Reasons You Should Move To Williamson County Right Now

Look on the bright side. If you were on the fence about your current living situation before 2020, you’ve likely realized by now that you’re ready for new surroundings, and more specifically, the kind of surroundings that not only last the test of time, but also a global pandemic for good measure. Below, we’ve listed the five reasons we think a move to Stephens Valley in Williamson County checks all of your boxes and then some. Some of them may surprise you!

To take advantage of a lower cost of living. 

Thanks to its historic setting, southern hospitality, and undeniable charm, Williamson County is frequently rated amongst the top places to live in the United States. But despite its convenient location just 21 miles from downtown Nashville proper, the cost of living here in Williamson County is actually 4% lower than the national average, and the cost of housing just 13.1% lower than the national average. In other words, those living within Williamson County can take full advantage of scenic rural views, a blossoming community, and a lower cost of living, all while reaping the benefits and convenience factors of the Nashville metro area. 

To gain access to premier education. 

Westwood Elementary, Fairview Middle School, and Fairview High School are just three of the nearly 50 schools in the Williamson County School District, which is currently recognized as Nashville’s best according to US News and World Report. Seeing as the district’s 2019 graduating class achieved an average composite ACT score of 25.3—well above the state’s average composite score of 20—academic success in Williamson County clearly exceeds expectations. 

To surround yourself with a reliable economy. 

Seeing that approximately 58% of Williamson County residents hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher and earn an average household income of $92,589, it’s clear that the area has a strong and reliable local economy. Especially when you consider that the national average ranks so much lower at just $57,652 in average household income statistics. 

Furthermore, the unemployment rate in Williamson County is 3.0% to the nation’s 3.7% and the job market is predicted to increase by 53.4% over the next 10 years. Perhaps that’s why publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek have listed Williamson County as one of the top 10 US cities for start-ups and new jobs! 

To pay less in taxes. 

Those who live in Tennessee already may know that out of all 50 US states, Tennessee ranks 15th in property taxes and 10th in income tax. You might not know that while the sales tax rate in Williamson County’s city of Franklin, for instance, is actually 9.3% compared to the national average of 7.3%, the income tax rate comes in at 0% compared to the national average of 4.6%. When comparing the overall cost of living between cities, you can see why this is definitely a factor to consider. 

To join a community where fun, friends, and family are always in season.

Stephens Valley is the kind of community where next-door neighbors don’t just live next door. Despite this year’s interesting turn of events, we’ve managed to host regular, socially-distant events of our own to keep our residents entertained during these stressful times. Expect cooking contests, front-porch happy hours, group exercise classes, hikes, catered meals, and so much more at Stephens Valley!