Grandparents Day 2018

Make Sure Your Grandparents Remember This Grandparents Day! Believe it or not, Grandparents Day is not only celebrated in elementary schools. In fact, Grandparents Day has been a national holiday ever since President Jimmy Carter declared in 1978 that the Sunday after Labor Day would be forever named as such. The current president renews this [...]

Five Reasons People Are Moving to Stephens Valley

1. Unique Community Stephens Valley is a community that embraces southern roots and deep front-porch living. A place where you get to know your neighbors. A place where grandparents live next to their grandchildren. Front porches will open up to tree-lined sidewalks leading to the town square, restaurants, shops, nature trails, community house, and more. […]

Stephens Valley: Green Alley Program

Flood control through the Green Alley initiative   Stephens Valley Green Alley program makes this community one of the most stormwater conscious developments in the entire state of Tennessee. Implementing 5 low impact, best management practices exceeds local and state requirements and provides unmatched protection to our beautiful Trace Creek and overall Harpeth Valley watershed. […]