Five Reasons You Should Walk Your Dog Today

Want to know how an active, nature-centered community celebrates International Dog Day? By taking a walk in the park of course! Bordered on three sides by one of our nation’s largest federal parks, we at Stephens Valley are so blessed to live amongst 500 acres of protected open space that keeps us—and our furry friends—healthy [...]

Wildflower Scavenger Hunt

They say that where flowers bloom, so does hope, and here at Stephens Valley...we can 100% attest to that statement. But have you ever wondered exactly what you’re looking at? Below, we’ve listed the eight most common wildflowers found in Tennessee and our question is...can you find any of them in your neck of the [...]

Five Reasons People Are Moving to Stephens Valley

1. Unique Community Stephens Valley is a community that embraces southern roots and deep front-porch living. A place where you get to know your neighbors. A place where grandparents live next to their grandchildren. Front porches will open up to tree-lined sidewalks leading to the town square, restaurants, shops, nature trails, community house, and more. […]